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Origins of iSware

Bringing together over 50 years of experience in software creation, the directors established iSware in 2006 in the city of Stoke-on-Trent, UK. Prior to the start of iSware, the directors created a suite of web based tools called WAM (a CMS) that allowed us to swiftly create websites for local businesses. We created a system backbone built on top of WAM called Offisphere. This was, at the time, a cutting-edge suite of office tools allowing shared diaries, contacts, notes and documents. This also brought with it the matrix of tool icons that all of our users know. At the same time as this we were asked by one of these businesses to provide them with a system for tracking proof of parcel deliveries and it was at this point the directors formed iSware.

From before the inception of iSware we knew that 'the cloud' was the future - the benefits of accessing data from anywhere made the technology irresistable. The parcel delivery system gradually grew over the next few years into our main product ReDeTrack. We quickly realised when creating the first release of ReDeTrack that it didn't matter what we were tracking, whether it was objects at places or ideas from people. So we developed the system, always building in the flexibility needed for it to track anything.

Around the same time we started developing another product called DropShipBuddy. This was started in partership with a major phone accessory distributer and was aimed at allowing small mobile phone shops to create a web presence and to sell stock that was provided straight to the customer by the distributor. 


The rise of ReDeTrack

By 2008 we had four products: ReDeTrack, WAM, DropShipBuddy and Offisphere. All were what was called web-based systems but later became known as cloud-based systems, way before the term became the popular buzz word it is today. All four products were based on the same suite of tools we had origially created for WAM, each product building on the previous.

In 2009 we partnered with Centrex services for a long-term project to add repair tracking functionality to ReDeTrack and this went live near the end of 2010 and is still in use today.

Over the next few years ReDeTrack came on leaps and bounds, being used by everyone from banks to restaurants, from builders to IT equipment repairs so we decided to focus our efforts on ReDeTrack. 

During the time between 2009 and 2015 ReDeTrack had grown from a simple Proof Of Delivery system to a fully-fledged system enabling users to automate the full process from purchaing and stock control to dynamic routing, to end user invoicing. It was used all over the UK and even was was used thoughtout the London Olympics site.


Making waves in the future

In late 2015 web technology had increased to the stage where some of our other early ideas started to become feasible and we started a new project called RDT Flow. This is a set of hyper-extensible tools that are all about processes modelling and management. This builds on all of the abilities and power of ReDeTrack and will be released in early 2018.


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